Learning - Inclusive Education and Learning Support

It is a fundamental right that everyone is entitled to an appropriate education.  Here at St Francis de Sales Regional College, we have embraced inclusive education so that this goal can be achieved by all of our students.  We respect that this education transcends the academic spectrum of learning and could include improving socialisation and behaviour management skills, with the goal of ensuring that our students are well-equipped and ready to find their place in the world when they leave.

Special or Additional Learning Needs

Students with identified special or additional learning needs may qualify for further support from targeted government funding through state or federal government initiatives.

The educational progression of these students will be monitored by the Leader of Inclusive Education or a  Learning Support Teacher, through the provision of a Personaised Learning Plan (PLP).

Generally, we believe and expect that our students who require additional support will receive this within the classes attended by their peers.  It is an expectation that classroom teachers will make the appropriate curriculum adjustments within this ‘inclusive’ setting, so that all of our students will obtain the education that is most befitting of their individual needs.  This applies to both Gifted and Talented students and those requiring literacy and numeracy intervention.

  • We offer Life Skills courses whenever curriculum adjustments fail to achieve the desired goals for our students’ educational needs. Special exam provisions may also be available for students who qualify for this support in the senior years.
  • We provide the opportunity for students to learn in smaller groups or individually, beyond the constraints of the mainstream classroom and actively participate in a number of structured programs which have demonstrated success, such as QuickSmart.  
  • We can provide some diagnostic testing and organise referrals to appropriate professional bodies if additional support or specific diagnostic assessments are needed.  

Our Inclusive Education Team enjoys working with classroom teachers and Year Coordinators in our mission to deliver a fair curriculum for all.

Inquiries about special provisions or support for students with special or additional learning needs should be directed to the KLA Leader of Inclusive Education-Mrs Christine Morschel.

General inquiries can also be made to the Year Leader, Leader of Curriculum or the Assistant Principal-Student Learning.