Caring for Students - Pastoral Care Team

The Principal, Assistant Principal, Year Leaders, School Counsellor and School Psychologist form the Pastoral Care Team for the College, although it is the responsibility of every staff member to provide a level of pastoral care for all students. After school hours pastoral care for our weekly boarders is provided by the Head of Boarding and Boarding House Supervisors.

Year Leaders lead their particular year group and Pastoral Teaching Team for each Year Level. They set pastoral and academic expectations, providing transition and emotional support, oversight of student learning outcomes and the management of student wellbeing, which includes learning, social and pastoral events and concerns. Year Leaders rotate through the year levels with their year group each year.

The Pastoral Care Team at the College is led by the Assistant Principal- Mrs Antoinetta Iannelli (7-9) and Andrew Morton (10-12)

Aboriginal Support Officers, Mrs Belinda Chambers provide additional pastoral and academic support to Aboriginal Students enrolled at the College.

Year 7 Year Leader- Mrs Ann Charles

Year 8 Year LeaderMr Travis Doyle

Year 9 Year Leader- Mrs Kim Robertson

Year 10 Year LeaderMr Brendon Greatz

Year 11 Year LeaderMr James Sullivan

Year 12 Year LeaderMrs Clare Vant