Caring for Students - Process for Home/School contact

We pride ourselves on providing consistent academic and pastoral care and support for students throughout their schooling at St Francis de Sales. Our home-school contact process is outlined below.

For an inquiry or matter related to student learning in the classroom:

Contact the class or subject teacher in the first instance.

If this concern or inquiry is not resolved, then we encourage you to make contact with the KLA Leader.

For matters related to student wellbeing, or concerns that extend beyond a single subject or lesson please contact the relevant Year Leader.

If the matter is particularly complex, serious or has the potential to have a significant impact on academic results, or overall learning and pastoral outcomes, the Leader of Curriculum, Assistant Principal, or Principal may become involved.

Parents and carers of students with special learning needs or adjustments, who are on a personalised learning plan, are encouraged to contact their child’s Learning Support Teacher regarding:

  • clarification or support regarding their child’s learning goals and achievement
  • further information about supports and adjustments.

Boarding matters should be directed to the Head of Boarding, Mr James Hopper, or the Boarding Year Supervisor.

All general inquiries may be directed to our helpful office staff in the Front Office.