Enrolment - Student Enrolment Processes

St Francis De Sales Regional College seeks to provide its students with an education aimed at developing the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and psychological potential of each child. This education takes place in an environment formed by Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church. The College recognizes the Church’s particular mission to those in greatest need.

In accordance with the general principles set by the Wagga Wagga Diocesan Catholic Education Commission, the following criteria for the acceptance into the College have been determined:

PLEASE REFER TO ATTACHED: HELP GUIDE - Making an Application to Schools (v2)


1. Enrolment of siblings of students already attending the College.

2. Catholic children of new families from within the College Feeder Schools.

3. Children of other Christian families from within the College feeder schools. Parents of these children should indicate that they support the involvement of their children in their own faith communities, and accept the Catholic Ethos & Practices of the College.

4. Children of non-Christian families from within the College Feeder Schools in keeping with the principles above. Years 7 & 11 are the major enrolment intake Year Levels of the College especially for boarding placements.

5. Applications from "rural and isolated" regions receive preference in securing boarding positions. 




Parents wishing to enrol at St Francis are required to fill out an application for enrolment. Enrolment application Packages are available upon inquiry from the College Office.

Please attach a copy of the following with your enrolment application:  

  •           Copies of most recent school reports

    ·        Principal’s Reference (where applicable)

    ·        Copy of NAPLAN Results (either Year 5, Year 7 or Year 9)      

    ·        Copy of reports/documentation if your child has special learnin needs (refer to Page 6 of this Application)

    ·        Copy of (if applicable) of your child’s current modified learning program and any other relevant information that will assist your child’s learning

    ·        Copy of Birth Certificate

    ·        Copies of Child’s Sacraments (Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation & Confirmation)

    ·        Proof of residential address (to be sighted)

    ·        Copy of Immunisation Certificate

    ·        Enrolment Application Fee 


The Principal and Boarding Supervisor will interview all Boarding students and their parents/caregivers.

The Principal or one of the College Leadership Team will interview Day students and their parents/caregivers.

It will be explained at the time of interview, what the College can provide by way of supporting Christian Values and Excellence in Education. 

APPLICATION FEE Please note that the application for enrolment form must be accompanied by the enrolment application fee of $75 for day students and $125 for boarding students - per student. The enrolment fee covers registration and administrative processes.